As explained on the home page, VMC Compensation plan structure is based on the 2up system. This system ensures that every member's growth is continuous whether they are having personal success advertising or not. By having a team structured growth, members have the security of knowing that their network and income will always grow, be it at a fast or slow pace, it is always growing!

Our diagrams below gives a clear picture of our compensation structure:




With this infinite viral structure, every member will have no problems growing a monthly income.

Figure 2-2


The above table illustrates potential viral income from sales. Although each member will carry different results due to the nature of the business and the abilities of each individual who is marketing this site, the potential is still limitless. Our staff and your sponsor will be helping you achieve your goals! Failure is not an option! This system is part of the Powerof-3 platform and will payout commissions daily on request to the processor of your choice.