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Every online marketer wants one thing. Easy, Fast, Money! But they struggle with programs that can't produce those results. With Viral  Ebook Money Club (VEMC) it doesn't get any easier. Viral Ebook Money Club are individuals linked from around the world with one goal in mind, use this website rental and it's Ebooks TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE. We have made that journey simple, affordable, and able to duplicate results over and over again. VEMC is strictly a fast income producing website for those that like to earn fast cash.

Here's your opportunity to get into our Viral Ebook Money Club program that will generate more money than you can imagine paid direct to your online account instantly and recurring each and every month. You will build an income that keeps growing every month due to our viral income producing structure. We developed a secure way that everyone wins when they activate their account and advertise our website. Our members work hard at making sure success is mastered by their team and all their team members are able to duplicate extreme results doing simple advertising. Although you are buying ebooks and renting this website with your monthly purchase, the sole purpose of Viral Ebook Money Club is so you can receive money over and over again as our affiliate, each and every month you are an active subscribed member. We made income making simple and recurring for every member that participates using our services. We have new features and benefits for those marketers that have had it rough trying to earn online. We made it so all experiences, Veteran and Novices, to be able to earn through our platform.

How Much Money Will I make?

Every result will differ because of the skills of each individual marketing and how long each individual stays with the program will also play a part. This is not a get rich quick scheme but will have significant fast results if managed accordingly. If you can manage to sale 1000 website rentals to new members which is very doable in this market, you are looking at $10,000 per month income. Set that as your goal but start off reaching that goal in steps. First aim for reaching 10 members which is $100 per month. Then  once you reach that goal, set it for another 10 members which is $200 per month. And so on... 100 members is still $1,000 per month which is a very decent monthly income to have. You have a rare opportunity to make up to $1000 per month even in your first month with us. We are new, simple, and success is easy to duplicate.

 5 person team = $50 per month,
10 person team = $100 per month,
50 person team = $500 per month,
100 person team = $1000 per month,
500 person team = $5000 per month,
1000 person team = $10,000 per month

All team levels can easily be reached!

Here is how our system works?

First, you'll need to buy your membership subscription for $15.95 per month. This payment is for your website rental, promotional materials, and 10 ebooks available for download in the Products/Special Bonus Area. Your commissions for your rental sales is $10 per active member every month. 

Click Here For Compensation Structure

Then when you find your first two prospects that want to rent this website and purchase the ebooks they will be given to your sponsor as a thank you for introducing this opportunity to you. This is where the viral income power kicks in for you. Every new prospect after your first two will give you their first two to say thank you to you for introducing them to this opportunity. With each new prospect you are guaranteed at least two more new prospects which means never ending income and never ending referrals. This is the viral aspect of our business. You give 2 to get 2 to infinity.

This keeps your monthly income always growing because not only are you trying to build your affiliate team to help yourself, you will also have other members of your team helping you build as well. So those 10 members you are trying to achieve in the beginning, you will even have help reaching those 10. With our "NO FREE MEMBER ACCOUNT" every member has the opportunity to earn some very big money in a short time span. VEMC is about everyone coming out on top! No one should ever have to suffer economically when there are like minded people all over the world that want the same results. A BETTER LIFE AND FINANCIAL STATUS!

VEMC is one of the easiest money makers there is! It is a NO Brainer on joining this club! You will literally explode your account month after month as you watch your income reach new heights.  All you do is a couple simple steps and that is all there is to create an enormous amount of money.

1. Register Your Account
2. Activated Your Account
3. Tell The World How Easy Your Account Makes Money
4. Be A Great Sponsor To Your Team To Duplicate Your Success.

You do these very simple things and there is nothing that can stop your online financial growth. This website is novice friendly and will not fail. Everyone wants fast recurring income. This is the fastest there is. The faster you join and activate your account, the faster those $10 payments will pour in like a water facet.

Your monthly money growth potential starts out as $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, $640, $1280, $2560 and so on.. The numbers here represent you just having one member and them duplicating your success. With each new member is a guaranteed $20 more before they start building their network and getting help from their team. Everyone wins!

With Viral Ebook Money Club, we are spreading internationally! We have members from all over the world investing in their future by selling this simple website for $15.95 per month. This site unites all members in a common goal for you to earn a substantial monthly income that you have deserved for a very long time. Your empty pockets or bank account will come to an end with our team.


"We are strong as Individuals, But More Powerful as a NETWORK"

VEMC is determined to succeed where other programs have failed. We will achieve our goals because we believe in UNITY above all else. Can you imagine waking up every morning checking your account seeing you have multiple $10 payments? With VEMC you will not be imagining. As a unified, international club of members your success is just a click away. Join us and end your financial starvation. Your EASY VIRAL MONEY awaits!



You will keep

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To get you started, we'll even provide you with quality advertising and resale rights products valued well in excess of $800! Take a look below at what else you'll receive for becoming a member today:

  • 10,000 Banner Impressions and 10,000 Text Ad Impressions -- $50 Value
  • Lifetime Pro Membership to 7DayPromos.com -- $19 Value
  • Perpetual Traffic Generator -- Comes with 100% Resale Rights -- $49.95 Value
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  • 100 Website Designs -- Ready to use. Just download and you're set to go. You can give these away in any package you sell.

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